Personality Profile: Lucas Cereijido

By Brandon Yung
Staff Writer

Senior Lucas Cereijido bounding through the air toward a disc in flight is not an uncommon sight in Garfield Park. This is another practice for the South Pasadena Sacred Palms, an independent ultimate team founded in part by Cereijido—an initiative indicative of his self-determined attitude and free spirit.

Often, when students have formulated ideas and opinions, they do not go out of their way to advocate for what they are passionate about. This, however, does not apply to Cereijido. Under his suave hair and assured smile, Cereijido is an involved scholar, and has participated in Youth & Government since his freshman year. Last year, Lucas proposed a law to the National Issues Commission (a program area within Youth and Gov. that makes creates nationwide legislature) to ban advertisements that target children, an action emblematic of his unconditional views.

On top of his scholarly pursuits, Cereijido is also a percussionist for the band Janelane. Founded by SPHS alumna Sophie Negrini, the band also consists of guitarist Jake Levy and bassist Alex Hardy, who are all long time friends. Having established itself in the independent music scene, Janelane has played at over 13 venues, including the South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival, and has hosted a show on the radio station 88.9 KXLU.

“Recently we were able to play at an original venue in LA called The Must. We came in wearing dresses, but it got so hot that I had to play in my boxers,” Cereijido said. “It was just a great time.”

Lucas Cerijido is preparing for his future as a student in a liberal arts college. In the meantime, he can be spotted performing with Janelane at the WTF (Way Too Fun) Festival in Santa Ana on November 7, and at The Smell on November 23 or at school tossing a disc at lunch with his teammates.