Personality Profile: Addison Foord

By Sammy Park
Staff Writer

It is hard to picture the quiet Addison Foord acting in front of crowds. But as soon as he steps onstage, the reserved freshman transforms into an animated, enthusiastic character, with dramatic facial expressions and rhythmic dance moves.

Since his debut in the fifth grade musical Guys and Dolls, Foord has been hooked to the spotlight. He acts professionally with a goal to save as much money as he can for college. But financial gain is not Foord’s only motivation to act.

“There is just something about putting yourself on the line. Acting for me is not just about reciting memorized lines to people. It is about facial expressions, cadence, tonality,” Foord said. “People think of acting as easy and nonchalant, but it is actually about vulnerability and opening yourself up to an audience.”

Foord’s wide repertoire of roles has accumulated due to his relentless auditioning. His experiences have led to him to new characters and scripts, as well as eccentric directors. Foord recalls his most kooky audition as the afternoon he spent discussing the California raisin with a casting director. These oddities lend themselves to interesting anecdotes, but also have created an aspect to acting that Foord appreciates. The thrill of success he receives when getting cast makes auditions his favorite part of the experience.

But this excitement is coupled with nervousness. Due to the unlikeliness of getting a role, Foord combats his apprehensiveness with inspirational music and meditation.

At middle school DTASC (Drama Teachers Association of Southern California), Foord was cast as a dead person. He spent the performance as a spirit staring into his casket. This unusual credit led to anxiety, but when he embraced the dramatic role, he was able to focus on the character and provide a solid performance.

However, Foord steps out of his character shoes and into soccer cleats. Foord plays soccer around seven hours a week, and he takes his sport very seriously. He can be spotted speeding across a field as a center defender for LA Premier, a club team based near Los Angeles. His favorite position of center defender add to his leadership qualities, and he stresses the importance of team communication when playing.

Foord juggles acting and soccer daily, but also manages to squeeze in socializing time.

“When I first met Addison in fifth grade, his kindness to others no matter the circumstances was the primary thing I noticed about him,” teammate and friend Henry Barbera said. “Of course, the second thing was his nice hair, sharp jawline, and his charismatic spirit.”

Foord’s acting qualities benefit his education. His favorite courses are English and Speech and Debate, the two classes that allow him to fully express himself.

“I like being a leader and public speaking,” Addison said. “The things I do are just a reflection of what I enjoy. Acting and soccer are not only fun, but a part of who I am.”