Marketing Plan takes first place at Virtual Enterprise Competition

By Sandy Grossman

Staff Writer


Aspiring entrepreneurs from the varsity Virtual Business team and the Intro to Virtual Business class represented SPHS at the Long Beach Virtual Enterprise Trade Show. Sixty-nine companies from 66 Southern California schools participated in the two-day event on February 11 to 12.  

Judges awarded senior Alyssa Schwantner and juniors Katherine Conte and Faye Witherell first prize in the marketing plan competition. The Intro to Virtual Business team placed first in newsletter presentation competition. Despite its lack of experience, the team placed ahead of the varsity company INK, which received second place.

“I am beyond proud of the marketing plan team at Long Beach,”  Schwantner said. “We were all very prepared and were able to answer the judge’s questions without

any problems.”

The competition provided opportunities for students to gain experience and learn new skills. Members of the Intro class were able to learn more about Virtual Enterprise, as well as a chance for the varsity team to practice its sales skills.   

“I was happy to see a lot of our people using the phenomenal sales training conducted by our VP of Sales, Charlotte Emerson,” varsity CEO senior Erik Chan said. “Overall, I’d say that Long Beach was a great warm-up for our next trade fair.”  

The varsity Virtual Business team will travel to Oakland on March 5 to compete in the Bay Area Virtual Enterprise Trade Show.