High school pool reopens after renovations

By Cole Cahill

Staff Writer

The South Pasadena High School pool reopened for a special recreational swim on the Fourth of July after over a month of construction. Renovations began Wednesday, May 17 and concluded on the first of this month. The updates to the pool include a new concrete deck and tilework, replastered bottom, and diving blocks.

The 300,000 gallon tank was emptied in May, a decision made more controversial by the severe drought conditions. However, community members were offered to take as much water as they pleased to water lawns or for other domestic uses, which many people did.

The month-long project to keep up with county health code standards stayed under the district’s $400,000 budget. The pool’s deck and drainage systems now meet the requirements in addition to new water polo goals and railings in the shallow end stairs.

Swimming lessons, club practices, and regular recreational swimming resume Monday, July 6.

“I’m very excited about the renovations made to the pool, and impressed with how quickly it was done.” SPHS water polo coach Michael Gonzales said. “I think it’s a positive step forward for our student athletes and our aquatic programs.”