Golf impresses despite a split team

By Kevin Park

Staff Writer

The South Pasadena High School varsity girl’s golf team were very successful on both ends of today’s matches, placing fifth out of 25 schools in the Magnolia Park Optimist Club Invitational Tournament, as well as defeating Webb High School at Almansor Golf Course.

During league play, the Tigers dominated over Webb, 232-300, adding another win to their current 10-0 overall record and 5-0-league record. With their key teammates missing, the less experienced players had to step up to lead the team. Junior Christine Abbott and Sophomore Emily Swanson took this opportunity to showcase their abilities as individuals and as teammates, with Abbott shooting a Tiger best 42 and Swanson 44. Freshmen Bethany Chen and Nicole Srisutham had the third and fourth best scores for South Pas, hitting a 47 and 49 respectively. Sophomore Clara Wong, who shot a 49, finished off the team score, bringing their total to 232.

“At first, it was really pressuring, because we were very anxious to keep the streak alive,” Swanson said. “I played on a slower pace so that I could concentrate on each hole one step at a time. I trusted my teammates to execute their part, while I did mine.”

South Pasadena also competed well  in the Magnolia Park Optimist Club Invitational Tournament, placing fifth out of 25 schools from around the state of California. The four players who were chosen to represent South Pasadena included seniors Katie Rosenberg, Alyssa Carlos, Amy Chong, and sophomore Caitlyn Yamashita. Rosenberg and Yamashita both shot for a 40,  Chong a 41. and Carlos a 49 for a team total of 170.

“Getting to know other girls from different schools allows new friendships to be formed and it’s fun meeting new people. The players that played today are very competitive and very good overall,” Chong said. “Knowing that before the match allowed myself to try even harder, not for myself, but for the team. Every shot I took was for the team and I wanted to represent South Pasadena stroke by stroke. I wanted our school to be ranked at least in the top five and I’m relieved and grateful that our team accomplished it.”