Girls’ Basketball defeats Canyon in overtime bout

By Ryan Nakamura

Staff Writer

Pictures by Tucker Judkins

South Pasadena stole the show with an overtime win in a non conference game against Canyon High School, with a score of 65-62. With five Canyon players 6′ foot or taller, South Pas was set in a tough match.

The first shots came from senior Lexie Scholtz when she drained a three-pointer and followed up a two point jumper. The girls kept up the intensity with junior Kristen Kaffkaloff ending the first quarter with a three pointer for a score of 16-8.

Starting the second quarter, Canyon began to push back, with two three pointers as they bullied the girls out the key. The girls could not sink any shots until senior Elise Takahama made an eight point run to finish off the half with 29-25.

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With the third quarter in motion, Canyon took it to the hoop to tie it up 29-29. The girls were getting pushed back until senior Sophia Hathaway packed Canyons forward, having it caught by Scholtz who sacked a three pointer. The Tigers and Cowboys kept at each other until Scholtz tied up the game with another three.

The girls went into the fourth quarter neck and neck with Canyon. The Tigers were compensating with Canyons 6′ forwards, who were dominating the key, by hitting their shots, with Scholtz and Takahama doing just that. However, the girls weren’t able the crack the tough defense and the game went into overtime 54-54.

“It took us some time to get in rhythm especially because they’re big and physical, which we’re not used to, but I think we did a really good job battling back and keeping the energy up all the time,” Takahama said.

The girls started overtime when Hathaway won the tip-off and took two point to the rack. Canyon responded back with a three pointer and the game went back and forth with South Pas in the lead only to be passed up by the Cowboys yet again. It wasn’t until Kaffkaloff took perhaps the most important shot of the game for three points. The crowd erupted from the stands as it was the shot Canyon could not recover from.

The team now has an overall record of 10-1 with their next game scheduled for January 6 against Marlborough High School and their first League game on January 14  at Blair High School at 5:15 p.m.LA Public Library Collections (1 of 1)-7LA Public Library Collections (1 of 1)-3-3LA Public Library Collections (1 of 1)-2-2 4.59.18 PM