FBLA bonds at Leadership Development Institute

By Somi Jun

Print Managing Editor

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended Southern California’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) from November 13 to 15. The LDI featured leadership and career workshops led by professionals and student section officers. 19 students from SPHS attended the conference, which took place at the Riverside Convention Center.

“Workshops ranged from presentations about competitions and state projects to simulations that mimicked working in businesses,” FBLA president senior Denise Huang said. “Most workshops were fairly informative, but the purpose of LDI is to get lots of FBLA members together to meet each other and have fun.”

LDI South offered 60 workshops, most of which were led by students. Mission Valley regional officers Alyssa Schwantner and Jacob Benowitz each organized a workshop, which went over how to create cover letters and the different styles of leadership. Each workshop attracted over 100 attendees. The conference had a record-breaking number of attendees, with about 1000 members registered for the event. The participants came from over 40 FBLA chapters around Southern California. In addition to workshops, LDI South offered entertainment activities such as game trucks, a mini-carnival, and a dance to help members bond.

“The most important thing I learned from this conference was how to network more with our members from all over Southern California and just [learn] the business skills we all need in the future,” Schwantner said.