Eighth grade workshop hosted by virtual business team

By Faye Witherall

Feature Editor

Photo by Kevin Huang

South Pasadena High School’s Varsity Virtual Business team held an eighth grade workshop which included a four-hour presentation that gave middle school students an inside look at the different departments of the business class. The annual fundraiser was held on Saturday, February 27 to showcase the Virtual Business program to the incoming freshmen.

The high school virtual business members guided 67 SPMS students as they created and marketed their own products, and explained their strategy with a Powerpoint presentation. At the end of the day, a few of the products pitched included stylish purses, 3D pens, and canned air.

“The workshop was so much fun. It was very informative and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves,” senior sales specialist Alyssa Schwantner, said. “The workshops provided the perfect mix of information and activities – we would teach them the technical side of sales, and then we would play a game where their presentation skills were put to the test.”

The team heads to San Francisco this weekend for a two-day competition and will compete in New York next month.