Eclectic Music Festival draws in 4,200 people

By Olivia Nouriani

Assoc. Opinion Editor

4,200 people passed through the streets of South Pasadena from 2 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 2, for the annual Eclectic Music Festival. South Pasadena residents and visitors from nearby cities generated more traffic than the city sees in the average week, immersing themselves in the culture of a close-knit community.

Up-and-coming bands were joined by more established artists to make up nearly 40 musical acts, performed at five stages set up throughout the city. Gardens & Villa headlined the event, returning to Southern California after touring nationally. SPHS alumnus Sophie Negrini performed with her band Janelane at the festival, accompanied by juniors Jake Levy and Lucas Cerejido on the guitar and drums.


“Our last few shows have been at record stores, galleries and bars, to crowds we didn’t really know,” Negrini said. “It was so nice to play in our hometown for friends and family that we love so much.”

Local organizations took advantage of the artistically-oriented evening to offer creative opportunities to South Pasadena children. The South Pasadena Arts Center (SPACE) held “South Pasadena is for the Birds,” a community contest and exhibition, where participants of all ages created birdhouses to be hung from trees around the Public Library.


SPHS students volunteered at another of SPACE’s events on Meridian Avenue, by helping children decorate ornaments. The ornaments were hung from tree-inspired sculptures lining the street.

“I had a lot of fun helping little kids be creative and do their thing,” junior Max Elsner said. “The festival is a very cute South Pas event and is fun for everyone, and volunteering was way more rewarding than I could have anticipated.”

The seventh annual festival offered creative outlets, casual fun, and new music to people of all ages, from inside and around South Pasadena.

“The festival is up and coming,” Negrini said. “It’s a really great way to introduce different types of music to a wide audience.