Coding club dominates CodeDay events

By Olivia Chiu

Copy Editor

Over 30 members of the Coding Club participated in CodeDay Los Angeles on November 7-8 in Santa Monica.

More than 10,000 participants from across the country gathered in 26 cities to code in teams for 24 hours, collectively creating over 2000 projects.

“I would say that we did very well,” Coding Club co-president Kristopher Rollert said. “We won every award and almost everyone had a decently functioning project by the end of the 24 hours.”

South Pasadena had a strong performance in the  event, sweeping all five awards. Freshmen Jayden Kemanian and Brandon Lee received the Judges’ Special Award for their app “Artificial Selection.” Sophomore Leon Montealegre earned the special award for Most Technically Challenging. Senior William Walker’s “Drive IO” was recognized as Best App, and senior Dutch Clark’s “Blue Boxes” won the Best Game award. Sophomores Adam Hamden, Cathy Wang, Phoebe Kim, and Cole Schroeder received Best Overall for “Moonelight,” a math-based app named after Mathematics teacher Ms Ruth Moonesinghe.

“Our group put a lot of hard work into making the app, so the fact that it came together is awesome,” Kim said. “I’m just really happy that we got to make an app that can actually be used.”

Most of the coders stayed awake for the entire 24 hours, relying on Red Bull and their enthusiasm to finish their projects.

“The best part is seeing people scream and run around in happiness  after finally solving a problem or fixing a program-breaking bug,” Rollert said.  “I think the fact that so many people were able to produce workable programs will motivate them to attempt more difficult projects in the upcoming CodeDays.”

CodeDay takes place three times a year and the Coding Club will continue to prepare for the next event, which will take place on February 13 to 14.