City Council discusses reservoir reconstruction projects

By Vaughn Huelsman

Staff Writer

The City Council discussed the progress of the reconstruction of the Wilson, Graves, and Garfield reservoirs at the meeting on Wednesday, December 2. The reconstructions of the reservoirs are several of the largest and most expensive projects in the city’s history and are critical for continuing to supply water to all of the residents of South Pasadena.

City planner Paul Toor reported the current logistics of the three projects during the meeting. They have each remained within the planned budget and have received minimal complaints from surrounding residents. The Wilson Reservoir, which cost $10 million to build, was finished February 2015. Toor was able to reduce the city’s part in funding by outsourcing the money to a state revolving fund. Shortly after, in March of 2015, the Garfield Reservoir began construction and will ultimately cost $19 million at its finishing date in 2017. The Graves Reservoir is an upcoming project which will begin after the completion of the Garfield Reservoir and is predicted to cost $10 million. It will conclude the reservoir reconstruction plans for the City of South Pasadena.
The staff is searching for different avenues from which they can fund the future project, which is planned to begin in 2017.