Chinese American Club Celebrates Moon Festival

By Nick Michael
Assoc. News Editor

Photo by Stephanie Kim

The South Pasadena Chinese American Club (SPCC) hosted its annual Moon Festival at the South Pasadena Public
Library on Thursday October 8. The event lasted from 12-4 p.m. and contained family-friendly activities, including traditional dances and contests.

The Moon Festival, an annual Chinese celebration that occurs every year on the night of the full moon between September and October, is one of the most important holidays in East Asian culture. It has been celebrated in China for over 3,000 years, beginning as a commemoration of the plentiful autumn harvest and continuing to this day.

The event began with a speech from SPCC members Joe Loo and Shireen Chang, along with a few words from South Pasadena Mayor Bob Joe. One of the notable attendees was Congresswoman Judy Chu.

“The Moon Festival is a beautiful tradition,” Chu said. “It is a time to celebrate both the moon and the family.”

The celebration officially kicked off with the traditional Lion Dance performed by members of the San Gabriel Valley Chinese Cultural Association. The rest of the afternoon included a martial arts demonstration, a chalk-drawing contest, and other performances of traditional Chinese dances and songs. Throughout the entire event, members of SPCC served a wide variety of Chinese treats, such as moon cakes, sesame balls, and egg rolls.

“The best part of the event was seeing the audience mesmerized by the various performers,” Kilby said. “They were totally enchanted by the Chinese culture.”