Burglar takes hundreds of dollars from girls’ locker room

By Rachel Lu and Elizabeth Bock
Staff Writers

Illustration by Angelica Navarro
Staff Illustrator

Several thefts occurred after SPHS school hours on Wednesday, November 16th in the girls’ locker rooms. Roughly $300 was taken from several girls Cross Country athletes around 2:15-2:45 pm, as reported by the victims.

“I had put my wallet and phone in my locker, because there has been theft in the locker room before,” Junior Bailey Wu said. “Unfortunately, I had forgotten about a $20 bill that was in one of the pockets of my backpack. So I wasn’t surprised to find that it had been stolen from my backpack when I got back from my run.”

The students have filed incident reports regarding the thefts to the Student Services office. Amounts stolen from the girls’ backpacks ranged from $5 to $178. SPHS administration is currently investigating the burglary.

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