Braden Wong selected as new Commissioner of Athletics

Story by Amber Chen
Staff Writer

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

Senior Braden Wong was selected as the new Commissioner of Athletics in January. The two sport athlete is captain of the varsity soccer and track teams.

Former Commissioner of Athletics Tearay Taylor left the position of Commissioner of Athletics in December 2019, transferring to Victorville. Wong applied to the position of Commissioner of Athletics in January 2020.

“I originally thought that my schedule was going to be full, because I had AP Calculus BC and Virtual Business was gonna be my elective, and then those ended up overlapping,” Wong said. “So I had a homestudy for the first semester.”

The Commissioner of Athletics holds the responsibility of facilitating athletic success and school spirit by promoting student sports and athletes. Wong hopes to continue SPHS’ athletic achievement while pioneering future success through community involvement.

“I’m super excited to increase the involvement of sports in our community. One event specifically is Signing Day that’s happening in the upcoming months,” Wong said. “Also, athlete appreciation day for fall sports is coming… I hope to lay a media foundation for the future commissioners to use for content on the SPHS athletics Instagram.”

Read more about the newest Commissioner of Athletics in Tiger’s upcoming February print edition.

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