Boys’ tennis with strong showing at La Salle

By Karen Hsueh

Copy Editor

The boys varsity tennis team started off their preseason well with a strong victory against the La Salle Lancers on Tuesday, March 3. The Tigers lost two singles matches and two doubles matches, making their overall score 14-4.

The new team is very underclassmen-heavy, with seven underclassmen out of the 12 member team. The singles lineup consisted of junior Sagar Raju at number one, junior Casey Corvino at number two, and freshman Nick Corvino at number three. Raju showed the strongest performance, winning all three of his matches at 6-1, 6-2, and 6-0 against La Salle’s singles one, two, and three, respectively. Casey Corvino also played very well, beating both the number two and number three singles at 6-0.

“The team played consistently,” Corvino said. “If we keep our level of play, we should be ready for when season starts.”

As for doubles, the Tigers put sophomores Jesse Chen and Kevin Huang at number one, senior Lenn Kushigemachi and sophomore Jason Cai at number two, and sophomores Hoyt Gong and Kendrick Shen at number three. The three combos won two games each, but the La Salle team forfeited a match, bringing the doubles count to seven wins and two losses.

“We all performed to the best of our abilities,” Raju said. “I expect us to do well against Alhambra, because we have a strong team this year, and we have been working hard to become better.”

The Tigers’ next match will be against Alhambra High School on Thursday, March 5.