“BIOMED Pathways” announced for upcoming school year

By Andrew Gruhn

Staff Writer

A biomedical science pathway will be added to South Pasadena High School’s course roster for the 2015-2016 school year, according to principal Janet Anderson.

The planned four-year pathway will provide students with hands-on experience in topics such as genetics, physiology, and public health. Much of the learning will be through labs and similar group activities.

“We already have both sports medicine and science classes,” Anderson said. “This lets us enhance what we already have and give students a different way to learn.”

A new class of the four-year program will be added each year. The course starts with “Principles of Biomedical Science,” followed by “Human Body Systems,” “Medical Interventions,” and finally “Biomedical Innovation.” Those participating in the course will have to start with the first-year class but may stay for as many years as they choose.

The curriculum for the course is derived from Project Lead the Way, an organization that develops and provides educational programs relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

“When we eventually offer all four years of classes, students can have a very complete experience that will set them up for their future endeavors,” Anderson said. “Even after the first year of the class, I think that students will benefit.”

Anderson also noted that several members of the science department were interested in leading the new classes, but teaching positions have not yet been finalized.