Badminton struggles against Poly and Glen A. Wilson

By Andrew Gruhn

Staff Writer

The South Pasadena varsity badminton team fell to Polytechnic and Glen A. Wilson High in their seventh game and eighth games of the season on Thursday, March 16, and Friday, March 17, respectively.

The Tigers won 6 out of 21 games against Poly. Sophomores Victor Cao and Michael Wu swept all four rounds in boys’ singles, while freshman Jeffrey Liu and sophomore Mark Wang won two rounds of boys’ doubles. This wouldn’t be enough for the Tigers to capture a victory over the Panthers, who came out of the game with a win. When the Tigers took on the Glen A. Wilson Wildcats on Friday, March 17, they could only muster up 3 wins out of 21 games. Wu won two of the boys’ singles rounds, and Wang and sophomore Hanna Lim won in mixed doubles.

Junior Nolan Pokpongkiat was confident in the team’s performance while playing the Wildcats, but injuries prevented the team from playing at full capacity.

“We could have won but we had some injured players which greatly diminished our playing capabilities,” Pokpongkiat said.

Team captain Wu concurred, noting that the team has improved enormously throughout the season.

“On our team, everyone has learned all of the basic skills, they just need to learn how to put the skills together to improve their game,” Wu said.

Badminton will play their final game of the season on Tuesday, April 21 against Mayfield Senior School.