ASB releases annual SAC Assembly video

Story by Georgia Parsons 
Staff Writer

Photo by Eliot Correll

ASB kicked off its first assembly of the year with the annual SAC Assembly via a YouTube video this Friday, Sept. 11. The 15 minute video featured skits by the commissioners promoting the sales of the student activites card and other school club and program highlights.

The assembly began with senior Sophia Fineza singing the national anthem and a commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Commissioner of Assemblies Matisse Rocca starred in the first skit, along with Senior Class President Macie Lukavsky and Commissioner of Activities Jake Carless, paying homage to the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. ASB members were then introduced through a video compilation accompanied by the Full House theme song. 

Pep synchronized individual videos to create a socially-distanced pop number. 

“In the circumstances [of the coronavirus] we were able to complete a virtual routine through zoom practices and video tutorials,” Commissioner of Spirit Ava Page said. “Our new coach this year, Coach Leah, choreographed and edited our video that was included in the assembly. Hopefully we will be back in school and performing live routines [soon], but until then we will continue doing video dances.”

In the second skit, Rocca teamed up with the SAC Man, played by Commissioner of School and Community Valentino Nguyen, to encourage the purchase of SAC cards, which cost $35 alone or $75 in a bundle with the yearbook and Tiger Guide. Commissioner of Internal Affairs Katie Hohman and Videographer Eliot Correll comedically explained that the 2020 SAC card would still provide better deals for sports games and activities if students return to campus, but in the meantime guarantees access to socially distanced ASB activities such as prize drawings, item discounts, and possibly local restaurant benefits.

ASB Health and Wellness Officers Noah Kuhn and Tonalli Garcia-Rodriguez, Challenge Success Representative Michelle Jee, and Peer Mediators Liaison Andrew Cheung teamed up in a Zoom conversation to promote a student wellness survey due by midnight on Sept. 11.

Copa de Oro Editor-in-Chief Elise Hernandez participated in a WIRED Autocomplete style interview, addressing frequently asked yearbook questions. Hernandez explained that there will still be a 2020-2021 yearbook despite coronavirus restrictions, which are currently available for purchase at $60.

Commissioner of Athletics Khalil Murdoch announced the formation of an SPHS athlete spotlight, in which he will post biweekly interviews with current student-athletes and alumni on the ASB youtube channel. 

Despite the usual fanfare that comes with school assemblies, ASB was able to pull off the event and safely entertain the student body. 

“I thought that this assembly went well,” Rocca said. “Of course it was my first one and I had to give a good impression towards the school. I think that I have given a good start to what the assemblies will be like in the future. I plan [to continue] giving the school good content to enjoy.”

ASB will next be hosting a Zoom club rush each day at 3 p.m. the week of Monday, Sept. 21.

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