ASB recognizes student achievement on TAG day

Story by Lexie Doig
Staff Writer

Photo by Sophie Yeung
Photo Editor

ASB recognized students for their academic achievements for the annual Tigers Achieving Greatness (TAG) Day on Monday, Sept. 27.

TAG day congratulates students who have maintained either a 4.0 or a 3.49-3.99 GPA in their previous spring semester, as well as students who displayed a 0.5 improvement in their GPA. ASB representatives visited students in their fourth period classes where they gave out candy, stickers, and tickets for ice cream during lunch.

Commissioner of Academics senior Yubin Lee organized the event celebrating students alongside her fellow ASB commissioners. 

“It was so nice to see students enjoying their prizes and receiving recognition for their hard work during distance learning,” Lee said. “Overall, I believe that the event was able to achieve its goals and continue the tradition of academic recognition at SPHS.”

Lee is also hosting a raffle, which will take place during the Color Day Assembly on Friday, Oct. 1.

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