Annual Club Rush Draws Hundreds to Packed Gym

By Sandra Moore

Staff Writer

SPHS’s diverse array of clubs came together in the gym during lunch on September 16 and 17 for Club Rush, with the intention of gathering as many new club members as possible. Some clubs waved flags while others had decorated their booths in creative ways to catch students’ attention.

“Club Rush is a very exciting occasion in that people get to find similar interests with other people that they may have not known before,” senior Maia Thomas said. “I wasn’t really active last year, but I love Club Rush because it helps me realize the variety of clubs that I didn’t even know about.”

Students were able to pick and choose from a wide variety of clubs, including the long-running Key Club, the highly active TASSEL Club, and the brand new UNICEF Club. While browsing through the gym, some students complained that the loud music made it harder to hear each other, but overall most were pleased with how organized the event was compared to last year’s Club Rush. Students also enjoyed the location, which until last year, had been outdoors.

“The location was nice, even if it was a little hot,” junior Janice Park said. “It was already pretty crowded in the gym, so it’s great that it wasn’t in the senior patio. I think Cameron [Waters] ran it really well and he made it super organized and easy to navigate.”

Club Rush is one of the two events revolving around clubs, and the other one, Homecoming Picnic, will be hosted in October.

“It was a great experience,” Commissioner of Clubs Cameron Waters said. “It went really smoothly and I’m so grateful for everyone that was able to contribute and help. I look forward to an awesome year.”