Class officer elections underway, speeches scheduled for tomorrow

Class office candidates kicked off elections on May 13 at 6:00 A.M. when they arrived at school to plaster the campus with vibrant posters. During brunch and lunch, candidates passed out a wide array of handouts ranging from traditional backpack tags and T-shirts to stuffed animals and hand-written, personalized cards. Election speeches will take place in grade-specific
assemblies tomorrow.
With a total of 39 potential officers, candidates have worked tirelessly to separate themselves from the crowd. Freshmen Jung Su Park is vying for the position of sophomore class president against six
other candidates.
“I committed a little time toward making materials such as posters and shirts,” Park said. “But I spent most of my time on the speech, which I believe is the most effective weapon — it’s what voters remember.”
Many candidates have already set their sights on what they hope to change or improve if elected next year.
“I was motivated to run so that I could make our class and community more close-knit,” said sophomore Julian Lopez, a candidate for junior president. “I want to make school events exciting and open to all types of people.”
Students will cast their votes via an online voting system similar to the one introduced during commissioner elections. Votes can be cast on the ASB website from any internet-capable device. Elections in the future will likely follow this precedent of exclusively online polls established by the leadership class this year.
“The candidates have utilized online campaigning more than the traditional face-to-face campaigning,” Commissioner of Internal Affairs Peter Seo said. “It’s about time the twenty-first century came through.”
The preliminary round of voting will take place tomorrow following the speeches and last until 3:30 P.M.

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