Spoon Assassin games banned on campus, considered gambling

All Spoon Assassin games have been deemed illegal on campus, according to the February 19 Tiger Dispatch. Assistant Principal for Student Services Mr. Terrance Dunn said it classifies as underage gambling.

More than 200 students signed up to participate in the latest Spoon Assassin rounds: 60 players in a sophomore game, 70 in a junior game, and about 100 in an upperclassmen game. The players all paid varying amounts of money to enter the games and received a spoon with the name of their “target.” Students could be tagged out of the game if their “assassin” caught them without their spoon in their hand. The last student remaining in the game would win prize money collected from entry fees.

According to Dunn, any game played with money that involves chance constitutes gambling. The Spoon Assassin games have also caused distractions during school hours in multiple classes.

“There have been several incidents of students barging into classrooms to attempt to tag out their target,” Dunn said. “We are hoping that by banning Spoon Assassin, students will reconsider their interruptions and will be more focused on classes.”

Staff members have been asked to confiscate spoons from students who they see carrying them on campus.

“Students may disrupt class to get their targets out, but allowing this game may increase attendance as it provides an incentive to come to school,” Social Studies teacher Ms Annalee Pearson said. “Personally, I just think the spoons become hygienically disgusting.”

No disciplinary action will be taken against students on their first confiscation, and no action has been announced for students caught multiple times.

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