Girls basketball loses league title to La Cañada, continues to CIF

After breaking the South Pasadena High School record for wins with its victory over Blair High School on Tuesday, the girls varsity basketball team lost to La Cañada High School 43-34 this evening, February 7, and with the loss went the team’s chance at the Rio Hondo championship title.

Both the Tigers and the Spartans came into the match with 8-1 records in league play; the game served as a first place tie-breaker and the winner took home the league title.

From the beginning, La Cañada was dominant and the Tigers had a difficulty settling into a rhythm.

In the final minutes of the game, South Pas gave a burst of energy on a 9-2 run to cut the Spartans’ lead to 33-30, but La Cañada responded with a 10-4 run of its own, shutting down the Tiger momentum and ending the game 43-34.

Despite the loss, the Tigers finished the season 8-2 in league and 20-5 overall. The girls look to carry their regular season success forward as they begin CIF next week.

“We did everything we could tonight, but the shots just weren’t falling. Ultimately, that held us back enough for them to take the win. It’s definitely a hard loss, but it’s good motivation for us heading into CIF. We might have the opportunity to play them again, and if we do, we won’t forget tonight,” said senior captain Wen Zeng.

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